Metabolism Tips

Metabolism Tips

We all know that one person who can eat whatever they want and not put on any weight. We also know the person that can put on massive amounts of weight from not following a strict diet. One of the biggest keys to losing weight and keeping it off is to keep your metabolism high.


One of the common things we see people do when trying to lose weight is they try starving themselves or skipping meals. Now while you need a calorie deficit to be losing weight it can also be harmful and counterproductive. Why you ask? As soon as the body starts to see less calories and its fuel sources becomes scarce the body will start to reduce the amount of calories it burns.  We can see great results with a smaller reduction in calories rather than a drastic cut in them. If you do however cut calories drastically make sure its not for a long time to avoid slowing down your metabolism.


Not enough protein in your diet can play a massive role in slowing down the metabolism. Not only does protein help to keep you feeling full, but a high protein intake can significantly increase the rate at which your body burns calories. Protein is more thermogenic than carbs or fats. There are studies showing that eating protein temporarily increases metabolism by about 20–30% compared to 5–10% for carbs and 3% or less for fat. So do not skimp on protein in your diet as it is a much more thermogenic than carbs or fats and increasing your protein intake during a calorie deficit will help to preserve your metabolic rate.


Sleep is optimal to keeping a healthy metabolism. If you are not getting good quality sleep you will most likely experience some health issues. There are studies showing males and females that get only 4 hours of sleep per night see their metabolisms slow down. While the male and females who get a solid 8 hours live a much healthier lifestyle and also. Not only will lack of sleep decrease your metabolic rate, but it will also be damaging to other areas.


Move, move, and move some more. A lot of people don’t live a life with enough activity in it. If you have an office job or a job where you don’t actively move around a lot you are going to obviously have lower expenditure. People forget that standing up, cleaning, and just everyday movement burns calories. This is called non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). If you are person that sits for majority of there work or stands still it is important to make sure when given the option of taking the stairs or the elevator that you take the stairs.


Lifting weights will help to build muscle and muscle is shown to improve and increase metabolic rate in healthy individuals. Fat free body mass will mean that you will burn more calories resting. This is going to be beneficial when you are in a calorie deficit to preserve your metabolic rate. Small amounts of strength training will greatly improve your expenditure.


If you follow these few little tips we are sure that you will see massive results along your very own weight loss journey. Understanding that in order to burn fat you need fuel is one of the very key tools you need to tell yourself every time you go to skip a meal or starve yourself.

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