Shopping on a Budget

Shopping on a Budget

As a lot of people are experiencing the loss of income or even just the fact, they have taken a pay cut these times can become quite stressful. The first thing we tend to do is to make financial adjustments to survive these times. With the price of good food being so pricey we look for cheaper options. We swap healthy home cooked meals in order for cheaper options, but you can’t put a price on good health. So how do you eat on a budget without skimping on quality, but saving overall? Here are our top 5 tips.


  1. Plan your shop before you go. Know what you need and write it down. Shopping on impulse will always lead to unnecessary items in your shop. Items that are not on your list are usually more expensive.


  1. Go back to the whole foods and cook bulk of those items. Get yourself some left overs and you have just saved yourself having to buy lunch. You will not have you wallet thankyou, but you will also have your waistline thanking you



  1. Simplify your diet. Look for cheaper items that come from each food group that you can buy in bulk. Avoid purchasing single serve items and use containers to store the inexpensive proteins (lean meat, beans, chicken thighs); less pricey produce (asparagus, broccoli, apples, and bulk grains. Choose lower-priced nuts and seeds, such as sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Which are good fats



  1. If you can not afford to constantly get your protein from meat look at adding in a protein shake which will see you saving massive amounts of money as most cuts of meat start at $7-9 and a protein shake is $2 per serve.


  1. Shop around. There might be a shop that has cheaper produce than the other one. One store might have cheaper meat than the other so it is important to shop around for the deals.



Following these 5 steps will allow you to be able to save money, eat healthy, and most importantly not skimp on your health in a time of need.

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