Should I be Taking Supplements while not doing my usual amount of exercise?

Should I be Taking Supplements while not doing my usual amount of exercise?

Constantly we are being asked what supplements we should be taking during a time where gyms are closed.

One of the most common questions that people keep asking “are supplements at all beneficial to me right now?”, and the answer is yes. The biggest misconception with supplementation is that we should only take supplements when we are performing exercise, but while this is true to some degree it is important to understand a few things.

Most supplements are there as an addition to your diet as they help you fill the holes that your dietary intake lacks. Using a protein powder is still beneficial even though you can not train. No, you don’t need a nitric oxide boosting pre right now, and no you don’t need a high stim pre workout if you are just going for a short walk.

We spoke with one of our managers about the supplements that people could be using to keep in shape during this time.

Mickey, said the main focus for people who do not have access to gym equipment should be not to regress, but also not focusing on progress. This time should be used for simply maintaining where you were before all this happened. The biggest focus should be on body composition and maintaining that through adequate amount of protein , and supplements like Estrodetox, Testorise, Gut right, and of course a fat burner to help the process.

If you are trying to keep weight on then now is the perfect time to use MRE or add in a carb powder like Simply carbs or Cluster Bomb to keep the carbohydrates and calories high.


This is a perfect time to also focus on improving you inner health he said and we could not agree with that anymore.

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