What can I be doing during this pandemic to help my future self thank me?

What can I be doing during this pandemic to help my future self thank me?

What can I be doing during this pandemic to help my future self thank me?


If you were not one of the lucky ones to be able to be able to get your hands on some equipment or you are not fortunate enough to be able to afford gym equipment and you are now finding yourself getting stuck in a bit of a rut. Then keep reading


No we aren’t going to magically be able to make gym equipment appear, but what we can do is help you shift your mentality from the gym is closed and I don’t have any equipment to progress to here is what I do have and I can work on to improve myself while I cant use weights. A lot of people have poor digestion health which obviously means you can eat all the key nutrients, but if you cant absorb them than what is the real benefit? So this leaves us at point 1.


  • Focus on your inner health eg digestive health and gut health. Now is the perfect time to really focus on nurturing yourself. Lower the amount of acidic foods you eat, also reducing the amount of inflammatory foods you consume such as sugar, trans fat, and even lowering your meat consumption. There are also some amazing supplements that can help with these such
  • Supergreens +
  • L – Glutamine
  • Gut right


  • Injuries occur during training whether they are major or minor they are there. Most of us are guilty of trying to work around these to continue training. Now that we are forced to stop training it is the most perfect time to let those little niggly injuries heal.


  • Mobility is one of the biggest things that a lot of us all lack. Now is a perfect time to not only get your mobility in check, but also a great time to make it a strong point for when you return back to training.



Rebecca, said that “using her supergreens and adding in L glutamine with a little bit of yoga over the last 3 weeks has allowed her to stop acid reflux which helps her sleep better at night".  As you can see the benefits of focusing on what we can still do far out weigh what we cant.

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