Brandon Reeve


About me:

Sport and fitness has always been an important part of my life. I did martial arts from age 5-18, achieving national ranking. I also have played basketball since I was 11, and also managed to compete at a National level in that, but now just play for a bit of fun cardio. And finally gym has been an important part of my life the last couple of years. I’ve loved the process of bettering myself, and learning so many things along the way.

- Qualifications:
5 years experience within the supp industry, whilst also completing my Bachelors of Education in Secondary Health and Physical Education, and History with Honours.

- Exercise routine:
Pretty basic on this one, as I usually follow an altered ‘bro split’, chest+ bi, back, shoulders + tri, legs, or I do enjoy a PPL split.

- Supplements I use and why:
My stack is pretty basic, with a WPI post workout, with creatine, a multi, and Rest for the ashwaganda, and zinc + magnesium. May add a pre in there if I’m feeling the need for it.

- top 3 movies:
Black Panther
Step Brothers
The Dark Knight Rises

- Top 3 junk foods:
Some dirty burgers
As someone who is lactose intolerant, I have an odd love for flavoured milk

- Bottom 3 foods:
Any kind of beans (other than green beans)
Bacon, or any product from pigs

- Cats or Dogs:
Would go dogs, but love them both.

3 people I’d invite to dinner:
LeBron James
Kobe Bean Bryant
Michael Jordan

What you love about NI:
The people I meet. I genuinely love meeting new people, and love hearing about their story, their training, and what has brought them to this point.