Fat burners in Winter – are they useful and will they help?

Fat burners in Winter – are they useful and will they help?

Fat burners in Winter – are they useful and will they help?


As we enter the colder months the vision of the toned beach bodies may somewhat escape our minds as we rug up, and tuck ourselves away next to the warmth of the cosy fireplace and tell stories (kinda). Which raises the question – what supplements are useful, and in this case, are fat burners useful during Winter?

Let’s take a ride.

What is your goal? Is it to burn fat and tone up? Put some muscle and size? To become more athletic and increase your endurance – and athleticism, I guess? Regardless of what your goal may be, there is more than likely going to be a product that is designed towards your specific goal. If your goal is tone-up, shed a couple of kilos, or whatever you want to call it, then more likely than not – you have looked into fat burning supplements.

Fat burning supplements are typically designed to do the following; increase your energy levels (to help you increase your output), slightly improve your mood and mental focus, support the process of using fat cells for energy, raise the body’s core temperature, and in some cases, lower cortisol levels (your stress hormone).

Before you think about all that, ask yourself first – what is my diet and training like? How much control do I have over it, and what needs to change?

In most cases, to be in what is commonly referred to as a “fat burning state” you need to be eating in what’s called a caloric deficit. This simply means you are consuming a slightly lower amount of food to what it takes to maintain your current weight. This does not mean to a point of food deprivation and starvation. You still need to function, physically and mentally - hormone and thyroid regulation are both especially important factors when putting your body under such stress. By being in a caloric deficit, your body is going to look for other sources of energy to fuel your body. Unless there are other underlying issues, your body is going to look towards stored energy – your fat cells. Now, how you track your food is completely subjective – do what works well for you but be sure to be adherent and make changes where changes need to be made.

Next, how are you expending your energy? Are you moving, Exercising? Walking or running? High intensity or low intensity? Do you enjoy your weight training? Whatever the case may be – for your body to get rid of stored energy, it needs to be expended through Exercising.

So how does that answer the question – should I take a fat burner during winter? To be put simply, yes. Throwing in a fat burning supplement is to do just that – supplement the fat burning process. They can assist with the little things that can help you in reaching your goals. Appetite control, increased energy levels, keeping focused, and to ensure you are using fat stores for energy are all little things a fat burning supplement can help do. If you’d do everything you can over summer, then there is no reason to hold back over winter!


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